Rony Caspi » Testimonials

“I really loved seeing you and speaking with you last night, Rony. IĀ appreciate the clarity you’ve given me. I used my notes tonight speaking with ‘M’ and already we both feel like the future is bright. Thank you! And thank you from ‘M’ also. I feel like you’re my Dad but smarter and more specialised. I love the calmness and rationalization you give me. I need to express gratitude and thanks for being my rock and the only person who understands and cares for me outside of my daily life. I know I pay you but the perspective you give me is priceless.”

“Thank you for providing a warm and safe space for me, over the past months, to explore and challenge my fears. You have helped me gain a greater understanding and appreciation for myself. The journey has been hard, challenging, fun, eye-opening, refreshing and scary, but I have grown and moved forward in a short time and I thank you for helping me with this and for being a part of my journey. I always looked forward to Wednesday afternoons and whilst I feel confident in moving forward, I will miss our sessions together.”

“Thank you for all your support and understanding during these past six months. Your insight and different perspectives have been very thought provoking and really helped me.”

“I wanted to thank you for meeting and talking with D in his last months. I know he appreciated your company very much and was looking forward to your visits. I believe you helped him face his imminent death with a measure of peace. I know you helped me in my being with him.”

“Just a quick note to thank you once more and let you know how profound our work has been. Though intensive personal growth work awaits me, I feel more accepting of my humanly shortcomings, more energetic and determined than ever before to heal in full and make a great life for myself and my children. Thank you also for persevering in challenging me, rather than allowing my natural instinct to retreat from the world when difficulties overwhelm me to take over… I can imagine it wasn’t easy for you. I sincerely hope this is not the last time we meet – please stay in touch one way or another, I would love to hear from you.”

“With your patience and understanding I faced my fears. I now know that I dont have to let my illness stop me from living a full life. I found a flexible and satisfying part time job and an employer who appreciates my contribution. I earn an income and Im beginning to have outside friends. J (my husband) and I feel less tense and more positive in our relationship. I am hopeful for the first time.”

“I could not see life after H, I just wanted to fade away. Rony persisted with me, often just sitting with me in reassuring silence for long periods, and slowly I started to see little things again and talk and share, and find myself after so many years. Rony helped me find my way to see life after H.”

“Just being listened to, really being heard, helped me understand and accept myself… and then I viewed my part in my relationship and realized I had a choice. It’s as if he had a special kind of listening”