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Are you seeking a change in your life? You might be hoping that therapy will help, and also worrying that change isn’t really possible. You may have been trying for a while without much success. I can say from first-hand experience that therapy is a remarkably powerful and effective way for people to transform their lives. I have seen it happen again and again. Therapy is about much more than just talking; it allows you to see yourself, others and the world from a fresh perspective, to gain a better understanding of your response to life’s challenges, and to take ownership of your future path. This is just one of the ways therapy can assist you with; my job is to partner you through that journey.

I am a tertiary qualified and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist and a practicing member of ACA. I offer the option of counselling online, via Skype, for people located anywhere in Australia.

You may seek Online counselling for a variety of reasons, such as geographic isolation, the convenience of not having to travel whilst maintaining the ability to see and speak with a counsellor of your choice and, the comfort having counselling sessions conducted within the familiarity of your own environment.

Appointments are available now. Call me on 0401 668 710 (leave a message if I am unable to answer your call. I will call you back as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours), or email me on for an appointment, or to discuss the suitability of online counselling to you.