Rony Caspi » Biography

Rony was born in Israel in 1952, the youngest of three brothers. After completing school education and army service in Israel, he studied art in the U.S before immigrating to Australia in the mid 1970s. After a brief period teaching in the art field, Rony worked as a sculptor and potter first in Melbourne and then in country Victoria where he raised his family.  During this period, he developed his own creativity, and promoted creative expression in others, leading workshops for adults and children. Those years and the work contained in them have allowed Rony to communicate from and to a place of emotional depth and understanding.

During the early nineties, Rony made a gradual transition to business and consultancy, using his intuitive understanding of complex situations, as well as bringing my creative and analytic skills to bear, Rony was able to mentor and coach individuals as well as consult for organizations in matters of motivation, building esteem, resolving conflict, and managing the high stress of the business world.

Ten years later, Rony retired to care for his ailing wife until her death. These years developed an awareness of the depth of pain we experience, and promoted further empathy and sensitivity to others’ needs. First hand knowledge of grief and reflection brought increased self-knowledge.

Rony returned to further studies, completing a degree in counselling, and an advanced certificate in Gestalt psychotherapy. He lives and practice in Castlemaine in central Victoria.

Rony’s three ‘careers’ reflect adaptability and capacity to respond to the demands of any given situation with sensitivity and creativity. Living in three different countries required flexibility and openness and brought increased cultural awareness. Rony has a deep interest in people and their stories, and his life has brought him to the point where he is able to bring the sum of it all to his work as a psychotherapist and counsellor.