Rony Caspi


Rony Caspi is a psychotherapist and counsellor practicing in Castlemaine in Central Victoria. Rony works with individuals who encounter emotional and psychological difficulties due to trauma, stress, anxiety and depression, work life imbalance, relationship difficulties and sexuality issues, living with serious or chronic illness, grief and loss.

Rony provide a safe and confidential environment in which emotional healing and change can take place. His therapeutic style is intuitive, warm, and engaged, a little challenging at times, and never judgmental.

Rony brings years of personal experience in supporting family members and clients through serious and terminal illness. He developed a deep understanding of and empathy for those whose lives are touched by depression, anxiety and grief.  Rony’s own experience has shown him that with sensitive therapeutic support it is possible to adjust to a new balance and live a life of quality.

Rony’s work is informed by psychodynamic theory, existential philosophy and gestalt psychotherapy. It is both emotion focused and life focused. He employs a combination of feeling, reasoning, and humour to assist you to identify, examine and reflect on recurring themes in your life, to partner you in the often difficult journey of recognizing and accepting responsibility for major life choices, a process that is necessary for sustainable change and growth.



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