Rony Caspi is a tertiary educated and registered psychotherapist and counsellor whose work is both emotion focused and life focused. He employs a combination of feeling, reasoning, and humour to assist clients to identify, examine and reflect on recurring themes in their lives, to support them in the often difficult process of recognizing and accepting responsibility for major life choices. Rony provides a safe, trusting environment in which emotional healing and change can take place. His therapeutic style is warm, intuitive, and engaged, a little challenging at times, and never judgemental. Read more »

Jo du Buisson is a clinical psychologist who has worked for many years in hospitals and in private practice. In addition to working with emotional and psychological difficulties, she is experienced in working with clients suffering medical illness, treatment anxiety, pain, and post-natal depression. She has an interest in meditation, mindfulness, and psychodynamic work, and has training in a number of therapies that include cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and schema therapy. Jo works with adult clients to resolve stuck points in their lives. Her clinical training means that she is able to provide effective treatment for anxiety, depression, phobias, and other psychological disorders, as well as offering sensitive and caring support for general life issues including grief and loss. Read more »